Doors and Windows of new material WPC composite profiles

Issue Time:2016-11-07

In recent years, WPC has become an indispensable architectural ornament materials, which plays an irreplaceable role in many application areas. Especially in the industry of building doors and windows, the use of plastic profiles and wood has been in intense competition. When high quality wood products is more and more favored by people, when log products become more and more popular in the city, the rate of deforestation is also growing fast, which sounds an alarm for the depletion of natural resources. Fortunately, the development of plastic profile industry largely replaces the wooden doors and windows, and alleviates the ecological crisis to some extent. However, it also brings some unavoidable defects, such as the texture and color of plastic material cant surpass the wood products, so the price/performance ratio is greatly reduced.Then, the new material WPC emerges at the right moment.

When the WPC composite profiles are successfully applied to building materials, this new material reaches the function of wood and plastic and then replace them. People illustrate the superiority of WPC through functional comparison among the WPC composite extrusion products, plastic products and wood products. First of all, through the comparison between WPC composite extrusion products and wood products, after the WPC composite material goes through extrusion process, the finished products bear a strong resemblance to the appearance and texture of wood, and has the same processing performance, construction performance as wood. The product density in between 600 and 1000kg/m3, which is different according to the filler content of wood fiber and the degree of frothing percentage, generally around 600~800kg/m3, very close to the wood. The water content is about 2%, while the water content of wood is between 12% and 13%, compared with WPC composite material, it has better water resistance, corrosion resistance and other functions, and there is no defects of natural wood, such as cracks, warping, scar knot, obvious color difference etc.. At the same time, there will be a fatal weakness for wooden doors and windows besides mechanical and physicochemical injury, that is the damage of insect attack, such as termites, beetles and other pests. However, the WPC composite section contains a variety of chemical agents, which can resist pests. In addition, the section design of extruded products is quite flexible, which can design decorative decoration structure and various function structures, while the function structure and decoration structure of wood products are often limited by processing method, making many decorative effects difficult to achieve. Clearly, these are the points WPC composite extrusion products are superior to wood products.

Secondly, through the comparison between WPC composite extrusion products and ordinary plastic material, the WPC composite material has most advantages of ordinary plastic material, such as anti-flaming, anti-aging, meanwhile has other advantages that ordinary plastic material can not replace, such as color, texture, light weight and other quality properties, able to nail, drill, saw, dig, paint, adhesive and other processing performance. However, the extrusion products of WPC composite material has poor welding performance, which is basically not suitable for welding. Therefore, the doors and windows assembly need to adopt screw connection, a serious deficiency. However, the use of WPC composite extrusion products can be site construction, which bring a lot of convenience for the transport and installation of doors and windows, to a certain extent making up the defect. From the above two comparisons, we can see WPC composite material owns most properties of wood and plastic, and is able to integrate main properties of the two in one set, meanwhile it also has its own unique function. The most important is that the use of WPC composite material can save energy to a great extent, reduce the loss of non renewable resources and maintain the balance of natural ecology.

Compared with plastic profile and wood, WPC composite has unparalleled advantages, which is energy saving, environmental protection. Definitely it will have a wide range of application prospect. With further improvement of production technology for WPC composite extrusion products and wide-range promotion of production technology, WPC composite profiles can replace the position of plastic and wood products, and gradually become up-and-coming youngster in the market of architectural ornament.


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