Characteristics And Production Process Of PVC Products

Issue Time:2018-09-12
PVC products are mainly made of polyvinyl chloride, and other components are added to enhance their heat resistance, toughness and ductility. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a synthesis of vinyl chloride from acetylene and hydrogen chloride. The raw materials of this product include: PVC powder, vegetable oil, PVC oil, stabilizer and color paste.
Features of PVC products:
1.PVC is completely poisonous and tasteless
It can show any color in nature.
3. High mechanical strength and good corrosion resistance.
4. The automatic dispensing machine dispenses the same product with a variety of colors, which is still manual at present
There is no substitute.
5. The surface of the product can also be used for silk screen printing, pad printing, oil injection or arbitrary graffiti.
6. The product surface logo and design can be used for 3d effect.
Brief introduction of PVC product process:
1. Open molds, make corresponding renderings according to the requirements, and use computer engraving to open corresponding molds.
2. Color mixing: according to the pattern requirements, namely blending PVC powder, vegetable oil, PVC oil, stabilizer and color paste to achieve the required color and hardness.
3. When making goods, inject PVC materials through automatic drip molding machine, and solidify the liquid materials by layers at the high temperature (180-200 degrees Celsius) on the mold testing table. The baking times shall be determined according to the product conditions. Until the sample is finally taken out.
4. Quality inspection edge: each product shall be free of air bubbles, trachoma, color mixture, overall clean and well-trimmed before meeting the standards.
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