Share The Formula And Key Points Of SPC Floor
Issue Time:2018-06-21
1 PVC five resin (vinyl method)                    75
2 Calcium bicarbonate (400~450 meshes)     225
3 Calcium Zinc Stabilizer                              6.5~8
4 TG - 60                                                        0.9 to 1.8
5 PE wax 1                                                     0.6
6 PE wax 2                                                     0.3~0.5
7 ACR                                                            2.5 ~ 4
8 Toughening agents                                      4~8
9 Dispersant                                                   appropriate
10 Material back                                            30 ~ 50

Key points of formula:
1.PVC resin: vinyl type 5 resin with good strength and toughness and environmental protection.
2. Calcium powder fineness: because adding ratio, directly affect the cost of formulation, processing performance and the wear and tear of the screw cylinder and the product performance, so can't choose too coarse calcium powder, calcium powder fineness in 400-800 mesh.
3. The internal and external lubrication: considering material stay in high temperature extrusion machine for long time, and the performance of the material and the stripping force factors, suggest using high-performance wax control small usage, and adopt different wax can satisfy the demands of early and medium lubrication.
4. ACR: a high content of calcium powder SPC on the floor, plasticizing demand is high, in addition to the screw type and processing technology on the control, the need to help by adding auxiliary plasticizing, and ensure that the melt has certain strength, and has certain ductility in the rolling process.
5. Toughening agent: floor not only need low shrinkage rate, good rigidity, and requires a certain toughness, rigidity and toughness balance each other, ensure lock fastness, high temperature is not soft, and maintain in the low temperature toughness. CPE has good toughness, but the addition of large number of shares reduces the rigidity of PVC, vika softens the temperature, and leads to greater shrinkage.
6. Dispersants: due to the large number of components and the large proportion of calcium carbonate added, the infiltration and dispersion treatment of calcium carbonate and the dispersion of each component are very important. The dispersion can not only improve the processing performance, but also improve the product performance, improve the die removal cycle, reduce and delay the wear of the screw barrel.
PE wax is not only a lubricant, and the dispersion effect, but the content affected the balance of internal and external lubrication and melt strength and increase product shrinkage rate and reduce the stripping force, products become fragile.
Environmental protection plasticizer: can have certain dispersion effect, and help the plasticizing, but the amount is too big, can affect shrinkage rate, products vicat temperature drop, with the use of time, will become fragile.
Other dispersants: fluorinated compounds, isocyanate compounds, small dosage, good effect, not only dispersing but also coupling lubrication, but high price.
7. Recharging: use the company's production and reprocessing materials as much as possible.
Note: clean, not moist, batch crushing and blending after grinding powder. In particular, the recovery material of split groove must be mixed with grinding powder in proportion to form a closed recycle. It is necessary to adjust the technological formula of the sample when the amount of recharging changes greatly.

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