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Properties And Uses of PVC

Issue Time:2017-12-18

1. physical properties

Polyethylene is stable in physical properties, insoluble in water, alcohol and vinyl chloride, but dissolves in ketones, esters and chlorohydrocarbon solvents.

Appearance: White powder

Molecular weight 40600~111600

Melting point 212 degrees centigrade

Glass transition temperature 87 degrees centigrade

Thermal conductivity (lambda) 0.16 W/M.K

Thermal expansion coefficient (alpha) 810-5 /K

Water absorption (ASTM) 0.04-0.4

Refractive index hard molding 1.52~1.55

2. chemical properties

Good combustion performance

A concentrated hydrochloric acid with a concentration of 90% sulphuric acid with a concentration of 60% nitric acid and a concentration of 20% sodium hydroxide.

Good mechanical strength and electrical insulation

Have a certain resistance to chemical corrosion

3. Use

(1) PVC general soft products

(2) PVC thin film

(3) PVC coating products

(4) PVC foam system

(5) PVC transparent sheet

(6) PVC paste resin

(7) PVC board and board

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