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PVC Stabilizers Rise Rapidly, Have You Made the Stabilizer in Advance?
Issue Time:2017-08-08

1、Lead price inflationStabilizer costs go higher

For nearly half a monthLead price stabilityOnly a little increaseHovering around 17500 RMB/TON,The price of lead went up sharply last week,First break through the 18000RMB/TON,Followed by day 550RMB/TON rose to 18600 RMB/TON,The price of lead continues to go up this Monday,The cost has gone up sharply,Is bound to drive up the price of PVC stabilizer

2、The price of Stearic Acid is soaringIt is also the reason why the cost of PVC stabilizer increases

The price of Stearic Acid has risen by nearly 1000RMB/TON in the past two months,As a necessary PVC composite stabilizer raw materials,Further drive up the price of PVC stabilizer


3、Environmental factorsManufacturers operating rate is low

Due to environmental investigationThe overall industry operating rate is lowCausing tight supply throughout the industryFurther push up prices


In summary:

The price of Lead Salt PVC compound stabilizer and Hard Salt Stabilizer will be raised continuously in the near future,Demand customers must make inventory reserves in advance.

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