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Stearic Acid
Issue Time:2017-04-10

A mixture of soft acids and stearic acid. All of the fat and oil contain stearic acid, but the current mainstream stearic acid on the market are mostly in Southeast Asia's palm oil as raw material. Of course, there are soybean oil, animal oil, and even developed a waste oil as raw material stearic acid. Therefore, according to the stearic acid process, color, iodine value can be divided into a stearic acid, two, three acid, the main domestic definition for the 200, 400, 800 type. (200 type), after two times the pressure of iodine is greater than two less than four is the secondary acid (400 type), after a squeeze iodine value is greater than the two Four less than eight is the three acid (800) is also called rubber grade (mainly used for rubber industry smell relatively large, relatively yellow color, stability is relatively poor). One of the first product can also be called the application of the most stable stability, can also be used for cosmetics and pharmaceutical accessories industry, the price is relatively high.

1801 model is the oldest, At present the market imports of 1801 that is octadecanoic acid content of 37 or more 40 or so a class of acid.

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