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Skills in the Maintenance of PVC Waterproofing Membrane

Issue Time:2016-10-26

PVC waterproofing membrane is a kind of polymer waterproofing material widely used in modern engineering construction. PVC waterproofing membrane has the advantages of long life-span, good ageing resistance, high extension rate, high flexibility under low temperature, high resistance to permeabilityof root system, good impact resistance and pollution free. These advantages involve not only the membrane itself but also the method and skills of maintenance.


Skills in the maintenance of PVC waterproofing membrane as below:-

1. In the paving of PVC waterproofing membrane, much attention shall be paid to environmental temperature, that is, the use temperature of membrane shall be above -5oC. If the technique of fully-adhered PVC waterproofing membrane is used, the use temperature of membrane shall be above 5oC only. 

2. In the paving of PVC waterproofing membrane, additional layer shall be constructed in vital parts.

3. Construction protection shall be carried out. PVC membrane should be fixed when daily construction works finish for fear of being blown away by wind.

4. Construction works of waterproof layer shall be carried out after last process is completed, thus no cross construction is allowed. 


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