Application and Daily Maintenance of PVC Floor
Issue Time:2016-10-21

At present, PVC floor is widely used in the field of decoration of house, office, school, hospital, department store, hospital and gym because of its excellent performance of waterproof, mildew proof, pest proof and moisture and pollution resistance.


The installation of PVC floor is simple and easy. If the ground is flat, PVC floor can be attached on the ground with adhesive. If the ground is not very flat, the ground shall be treated with self-leveling mortar and attach the PVC floor on the ground. The speed of the installation of PVC floor can be very fast and hundreds to a thousand square meters of PVC floor can be installed per day. So PVC floor is suitable for the transfermation and decoration of suspended shopping mall and supermarket. The adhesive used for the installation of PVC floor is a kind of water -soluble glue. It’s not harmful to human body as is tested not containing heavy metal and poisonous volatile.


Daily maintenance of PVC floor is also very easy. You just need to clean it with wet mop regularly. It’s better to spread a layer of wax on the PVC floor surface when the installation is completed. There is no need to spread a layer of wax on the surface of composite-structure PVC floor.


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