Matters Needing Attention to Calcium Zinc Complex Stabilizer

Issue Time:2016-10-13

There are many kinds of complex PVC Stabilizer on the market. PVC Stabilizers common in the market include Lead Based Stabilizer, Ca-Zn Complex Stabilizer, Ba-Cd-Zn Complex Stabilizer and organic Tin Stabilizer, etc. Calcium Zinc Complex Stabilizer is generally a kind of shallow yellowish or yellowish-brown oily liquid. It has excellent heat stability and sulfide resistance. It can be blended with epoxidized plasticizer to strengthen heat stability properties. And it can be used to activate foaming agent. What are matters needing attention in the production of PVC finished products?


1. Common solid Calcium Zinc Complex Stabilizer is not suitable for transparent cable & wire making, so specialized Ca-Zn Stabilizer shall be used. Manufacturers just need to add a certain dosage of solid Calcium Zinc Complex Stabilizer in their formula for their PVC products making and no lubricant will be needed. In real production situations, a certain quantity of Stearic Acid, PE Wax or Paraffin Wax shall be added to adjust the plasticization in processing due to different formula design and different equipment configuration. Under some occasions where PVC products need to contact with bare copper, much attention shall be paid to the aerugo resistance property.


2. If some other type of PVC Stabilizers are used for PVC cable & wire, all relevant equipment and surroundings shall be strictly cleaned to protect finished PVC cable & wire from outside pollution.


3. Different types of solid Calcium Zinc Complex Stabilizers shall be used for different types of Calcium Carbonate filler and products of different colors. In general, solid Calcium Zinc Complex Stabilizer compatible with light Calcium Carbonate and suitable for white finished products is not suitable for dark and black products making. Therefore, manufacturers should have a clear knowledge of properties of heat stabilizers in the selection of proper PVC Stabilizer and make the formula design as per real production situation.


4. If Calcium Zinc Complex Stabilizer is used together with epoxidized soybean oil, it will have a better effect. If a big quantity of chlorinated paraffin is used, the heat stability of some Calcium Zinc Complex Stabilizer will be badly affected. 


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