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What is Rigid PVC Foaming Plastics?
Issue Time:2016-08-18

PVC foaming plastics was first invented in the 1970s. And its industrial production was accomplished in the 1990s. Once it came into the market, it was called “future timber”. Its main ingredient is Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). It can be used to perfectly replace timber due to its wide applications, thus giving it competition over timber.


Now much progress has been made in the processing technology of PVC foaming plastics. There are equipment, moulds, formula and workmanship available to PVC foaming plastics production.


Different filler like wood powder or Calcium Carbonate can be added into PVC foaming products. It will give PVC foaming products different properties by adding different fillers, which will contribute to replacing traditional a variety of construction materials and decoration materials. PVC foaming products are a kind of good material for surface decoration.


Compared with traditional wooden products, rigid PVC foaming products have performances of moisture, corrosion, insect resistance and flame retardancy. In addition, they are non-toxic and odourless. This kind of products will help save wooden products and improve people’s living conditions. They are ideal indoor and outdoor construction materials. PVC low-foamed materials can perfectly replace both traditional timber and some other construction materials. First it reduce the consumption of raw material, thus reducing the cost. And these products help lower the heat conductivity and promote the heat preservation, thus reducing thermal expansion.


Now PVC foaming products on the market mainly include rigid PVC free foaming plate, PVC skinning foamed solid plate, hollow grid plate, rigid PVC foaming profile and pipe for decoration and rigid PVC foam wood, etc. These products have wider and wider applications in the fields of engineering construction, packaging and furniture, etc.

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