Market and Technology of PVC Marble
Issue Time:2016-07-29

Stone plastics means “PVC Marble Material”. It mainly includes PVC marble stripe and PVC marble plate.


Advantages of PVC Marble Material


1. Rich Raw Material Resource


Nonpetroleum materials used for PVC marble can be fully used. They have a broad source in the nature and relatively low cost.


2. Good Product Plasticization


Workmanship and formula for product can be adjusted as per real application requirements, thus producing finished products with different properties and shapes. Its material utilization rate is almost 100 percent.


3. Green and Clean Application

There is no side effect in PVC marble processing. And it has no harm to human body and the environment.


4. Enhancement of Value of Plastics


PVC marble material gives plastic products a transformation from low-value products to high added-value products. Maintenance fees of PVC marble material are quite low. Life span of PVC marble material is several times of ordinary natural stones. Therefore, PVC marble material has obvious advantages.


5. Recyclability


Recycled and end-of-life PVC marble material can be fully reused and won’t affect the properties of finished products. It will contribute to a circular economy pattern for PVC marble material.  


Properties of PVC Marble Material

1. Super-light weight and super-thin thickness;

2. High strength and wear-resistance;

3. High flexibility and impact resistance;

4. Good flame retardancy;

5. Waterproof and damp proof;

6. Easy installation;

7. Popularity on market.

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