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Plastic Modifier Type Chlorinated Polyethylene CPE 135A

Issue Time:2016-07-20

Chlorinated Polyethylene CPE 135A is a kind of saturated polymer material. Its appearance is white powder. It’s non-toxic and odourless. It has excellent weatherability, ozone resistance, chemical resistance and ageing resistance. And it also has good oil resistance, flame retardancy and and coloring property. It has good toughness under 30 centigrade below zero. It has excellent compatibility with many polymer materials. It has high decomposition temperature and it releases HCl gas when decomposing.  

Chlorinated Polyethylene CPE 135A is used in plastics which need to be modified. CPE 135A is chlorinated from high density Polyethylene. It has excellent comprehensive physical properties, including high toughness under low temperature, high tensile strength, approximate solubility index and good compatibility. It will form mesh structure inside rigid PVC products, thus making PVC products have excellent flexibility under both room temperature and low temperature and tensile strength.


Wuxi Jubang Auxiliaries Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of Chlorinated Polyethylene CPE 135A. We have complete CPE 135A production lines and use advanced technology, with the capacity of 30,000 tons per year. Our CPE 135A is popular in both domestic market and overseas market. Our CPE 135A is used as impact modifier, plastic modification usage copatilizer and synthetic rubber. Main applications of CPE 135A include PVC pipe, PVC profile and PVC plate.

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