Application of rutile titanium dioxide in alkyd blending varnish
Update Time:2018-11-07
Rutile titanium dioxide can disperse the visible light more effectively, and has a stronger uv absorption capacity. As a result of its photochemical activity and uv absorbency, the layer failure of anatase titanium dioxide limited the service life of the coating. As pure titanium dioxide is a photocatalytic carrier, it can absorb ultraviolet rays, but it can cause photochemical catalysis. After surface envelop treatment, the probability of photochemical reaction is low. Thus, through surface treatment to avoid contact with water and oxygen, the resulting catalysis produces free radicals.
The presence of titanium dioxide after surface treatment reduces the chances of direct degradation of the coating, thus prolonging the service life of the coating. However, titanium dioxide with different weather resistance specifications showed different photocatalytic degradation, and rutile titanium dioxide significantly reduced the photocatalytic degradation rate. The use of rutile titanium pigment to make white or light color blending paint is obviously superior to rutile titanium dioxide in terms of gloss retention, color retention, film thickness loss and quality loss. The quality of rutile titanium dioxide can be improved to a higher level.
Therefore, the use of rutile titanium pigment to make white or light color blending paint is conducive to the sustainable development of the paint industry and conservation of resources, on this basis, it is possible to vigorously promote the new generation of alkyd blending paint.
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