PVC floor cleaning and maintenance knowledge collection
Update Time:2018-09-26
I. cleaning of PVC floor
1.Dry mop: remove dust and dirt from the floor. Use dry or wet yarn, microfiber or other dry mops available.
2.Vacuum cleaning: use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and loose dirt from the floor. In restricted areas, this cleaning method can be used instead of a mop.
3.Slightly wet mop: the mop should be slightly wet with water or detergent first. The method is to squeeze the excess water out of the mop with a dedicated cleaning winch. In addition, the mop can be sprayed with water or detergent. Be careful that there is no water gathering on the floor. The floor must be completely dry within 15-20 seconds of the end of the wipe.
4.Remove the stain: spray the diluted neutral cleaner directly on the stain, then use white or red nylon cleaning pad to clean the stain until it is removed, and finally wipe clean with water.

II. Maintenance of PVC floor
1. Maintenance after floor laying is completed/before use
(1) first remove the dust and sundries on the floor surface.
(2) add 3M red sharpener or similar products to the floor cleaner at low speed for cleaning (dilute with strong general cleaner 1:20 into the water and add to the floor polisher), remove the protective wax, grease, dust and other dirt on the floor surface, and drain the sewage with a water absorber.
(3) wash and dry with clean water.
(4) apply 1-2 layers of high-strength facial wax as needed.
2. Daily maintenance
(1) pushing or vacuuming. (drag the dust agent on the ground to dry and push the dust.)
(2) wet towing. (dilute the polish with a floor cleaner with 1:20 water and use a semi-wet mop to mop the floor.) If necessary, you can use the floor cleaner to cooperate with wash&shine at low speed.
3. Regular cleaning and maintenance
(1) pushing or vacuuming.
(2) the floor cleaning glazing agent shall be diluted with 1:20 water, and the floor will be cleaned or polished with red abrasive disc added by high-speed polishing machine.
(3) upper 1-2 layers of high-strength facial wax.
(4) as required, it can cooperate with high-speed polishing machine to add white polishing pad for polishing processing.

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