What are the characteristics of calcium and zinc stabilizers

Update Time:2018-09-06
1. The range of processing is narrow, and the processing technology requirements should be strictly implemented.
Compared with the traditional composite lead thermal stabilizer, the long-term thermal stability of calcium and zinc thermal stabilizer is still relatively poor, and the processing time is long and easy to yellow, and the sensitivity to process temperature is also high.
2. The volatile content is high, and the formulation is suggested to use a lubricant with high melting point and low volatility.
Compared with traditional composite lead heat stabilizer, calcium and zinc heat stabilizer has high organic content, which can easily lead to higher precipitation, and the choice of lubricant is more prudent. Ester lubricant can effectively balance the fluidity and demoulding of plastics during processing, the production cycle is long, not easy to separate out, and can be widely used in the formulation of calcium and zinc stabilizer.

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