Solution to Carburization of Plastics
Update Time:2018-08-13
Machine wash
After stopping for a long time, heat is turned on again, a lot of big and small black spots are easy to appear on plastic products, can not meet the quality requirements of products, these black spots are the carbon compounds after thermal degradation of residual plastics in the machine. The cleaning machine usually adopts the method of continuous extrusion with plastic, removing the plastic melt with black spots, and the cleaning machine takes up to 3-5 hours. If the original ultra high molecular weight plastic is carbonized, and the production of primary color products, it will greatly increase the difficulty of the washing machine, which will make the washing machine longer and cost more.
Carbide within quick cleaning machine, need to use some comparison of material hard plastic material or its back and white mineral oil cleaning, temperature appropriate heightening 10 ~ 15 ℃. At this point, to consider small extruder on the plastic plasticizing capacity. For large and medium-sized extruders which can plasticize ultra-high molecular weight plastics, they can be cleaned with ultra-high molecular weight plastics or their recycling and white mineral oil. As the hardness of ultra-high molecular weight plastics is better, and when the temperature is higher, the cleaning object will be softened and become easy to fall off, which is beneficial for the carbide to be carried out by the plastic melt. During the cleaning process, the speed of the extruder switches repeatedly between low speed and high speed. If the motor load remains, the extruder can be stopped and restarted repeatedly during operation to further improve the cleaning effect. When the carbides (black spots) are significantly reduced in the melt, the normal plastic should be replaced and cleaned until it is clean and gradually adjusted to the appropriate temperature, then normal production can be achieved.

Remove the cleaning
It is easier to clean the carbides in the extruder by internal cleaning, and difficult to clean the carbides in the storage head of the hollow blow molding equipment. Because the internal structure of the extruder is simple, the internal structure of the hollow blow molding equipment is complex, and the equipment will be more difficult to clean due to the long time of use. In this case, disassembly cleaning is imperative. Turn off the power when the machine head is hot enough and remove all assembly parts. Clean plastic melt in the head with copper sheet. Remove the charred carbide with a metal brush. Although the disassembly cleaning effect is very good, but it takes a long time, more laborious, generally not easy to use this disassembly cleaning method.
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