What effect does titanium dioxide have besides serving as plastic assistant agent?

Update Time:2018-07-25
In the plastic industry, plastic auxiliaries are indispensable members, and they provide better performance for plastics, so that they can be better used in production. In addition to being a plastic assistant, titanium dioxide is also widely used in many industries.
The main application fields of titanium white powder: coating, plastic, ink, paper making, among which coating accounts for 60%, plastic accounts for 20%, paper making accounts for 14%, and other (including cosmetics, chemical fiber, electronics, ceramics, enamel, electrode, alloy, glass, etc.) accounts for 6%.
Titanium white powder in the rubber industry not only as a plastic coloring agent, but also has the function of reinforcing, anti-aging and filling. Titanium white powder is added into white and color rubber products. Under sunlight, it is resistant to sun exposure, non-cracking, non-discoloration, high stretch rate and acid and alkali resistance. Rubber with titanium white powder, mainly used in automobile tires and rubber shoes, rubber floor, gloves, sports equipment, generally in the sharp-titanium type. However, it is used in the production of automobile tires. A certain amount of rutile products are often added to enhance the ability to resist ozone and ultraviolet rays.
Titanium white powder is also widely used in cosmetics. Because titanium white powder is nontoxic, far superior to lead white, almost all kinds of incense powder use titanium white powder to replace lead white and zinc white. Only 5% to 8% of the titanium white powder must be added in the powder to get permanent white, making the spice more slippery and greasy, with adhesion, absorption and covering power. Titanium dioxide can reduce the feeling of greasy and transparent in water powder and cold cream. Titanium dioxide can also be used in other spices, sunscreen, soap, white soap, and toothpaste.
Cosmetic grade titanium dioxide is divided into oil and water - based titanium white powder. Due to its stable chemical properties, high refractive index, high opacity, high hiding power, good whiteness and non-toxic, it has been widely used in the cosmetic field and has the effect of beauty and whitening.

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