What factors should be considered in the application of titanium dioxide?

Update Time:2018-07-16
Titanium white powder is an important fine chemical raw material, the chemical composition of titanium dioxide (TiO2), it is a kind of white inorganic pigment with many applications and great market demand. Titanium white powder commodity divides into two kinds: one kind is the gold red stone type titanium white powder, it bears the light, the weather resistance is strong, is used for the production outdoor coating and the product; The other type is the sharp titanium white powder, the light resistance is worse than the rutile type, mainly used in the production of indoor coatings and products. Titanium white powder is widely used in coating, plastic, papermaking, ink, medicine, fiber, cosmetics, etc.

Factors to consider when choosing titanium dioxide:
1.Color factor
Color is an important technical index for marking pigments. Titanium white powder is called "the king of white pigment", the color index of titanium white powder is whiteness. Even the same chemical composition of titanium white, because the technology, raw materials, equipment, technology level also can produce the different color, different color shade is depends on the chemical composition, but more importantly, the decisive factor is often its particle shape, size, size distribution, crystal structure, impurity content, etc.

2. Covering power factor
The optical nature of the covering force is caused by the difference between the refractive index of the pigment and the surrounding medium. Rutile titanium white powder refractive index is 2.71, sharp titanium type is 2.55, it is the white pigment with the highest hiding power. Cover effect is mainly due to the scattering caused by titanium dioxide, or due to the existence of non-ferrous material absorption or above two reasons to make incident light intensity drops, cover phenomenon occurs. Therefore, the main reason to determine the covering power of titanium white powder is not only chemical composition and crystal shape, but also related to the particle shape, particle size and particle size distribution of titanium white powder.

3.Factors of coloring power
Coloring power is an important characteristic index of titanium dioxide, which is the ability of the mixture to display its own pigment when mixed with another pigment. That is to say, for a white pigment, it is mixed with a dark color, the lighter the color of the mixture, indicating that its coloring (color dissipation) is stronger.

4. Oil absorption factor
The amount of oil absorbed is also one of the important pigment properties of titanium white powder, because it involves the filling state of titanium white powder in the colorant, and can show its dispersibility in the medium. In the paint industry, it is used to estimate the consistency of paint before mixing, guide the formulation of paint, and preliminarily calculate the pigment volume concentration (PVC(5680, -40.00, -0.70%) according to the following formula.
Chemical constituent
Titanium dioxide chemical composition determines the chemical properties of titanium pigment, it is the main sign mutual difference between pigment, it besides reflecting the pigments series of performance, such as whiteness, decolorization, oil absorption thereof, has a very big effect on the application performance, such as weather, dispersion, etc.

5.Factors of light and weather resistance
The light and weather resistance of titanium white powder is an important index to measure the application performance of titanium white powder. Only after the application of titanium white powder to relevant application fields (such as automobile paint, profile, etc.), this index is meaningful. So white light fastness and weather resistance refers to the one in the field of light fastness and weather resistance, in addition to measure the light fastness and weather resistance of titanium white carrier to ensure that the application of weathering resistance is better than white. The main factors influencing the weatherability of titanium white powder include its chemical composition, chemical morphology of coating material, crystal structure and application formula.

6.Gloss factor
The glossiness of titanium white powder is an important index to measure the application performance of titanium white powder. Only after applying titanium white powder to relevant application fields (such as automobile paint, ink, profiles, masterbatch, etc.), this index is meaningful.
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