Why are prices of PVC floors so different?
Update Time:2018-07-10
In recent years, with the development of the floor industry, the products on the floor market are also diverse. The floor serves as the indispensable decoration product in daily life of household, all sorts of numerous and complex type lets consumer dazzling. PVC floor serves as the product that receives favour extensively on current floor market, the gap of its price always lets a lot of consumer agonise: PVC floor, what decision is its price difference after all?

First, the use of materials. PVC floor serves as a kind of compound floor, its multilayer material decided the quality of the product directly, the choice of different material also decided the price of the product at the same time. Such as high density oxidized polyethylene wax, is better than common oxidized wax effect is good, is expensive products are of good, is the equivalent of why women buy LV, chanel, immortal water, you should know you must be worthy of a good thing, hope everyone to polish eyes to find the right products. And medium to high quality PVC floor is generally has the surface UV, wear-resisting layer, printing, glass fiber layer and base layer, each different level of material also has, or the numerous materials PVC floor price difference on led directly to the market.

Secondly, the workmanship of products. Although PVC floor is a kind of standardization is extremely tall product, but it and other household products are same, should pay attention to product design and craft likewise. In the production process, if it is Europe and the United States of extrusion forming, so the price is high, and if it is the method of using glue in South Korea or make, cost is relatively lower. Because the product that hot press moulds does not have glue, do not have the possibility that formaldehyde releases, such environmental protection sex can be stronger a lot, the price also can be a few taller; On the thickness of the product, the product of wear-resisting layer directly decides the PVC floor wear-resisting ability, the thicker the thickness, explain the product wear-resisting material inputs, the more means that investment cost is higher, so the higher the price. On the printing layer, after careful polishing and production of the product, its lines will be clearer, more exquisite, this kind of product quality is high, the corresponding price is higher.

Third, the origin and the brand. As is known to all, the price of foreign products will not be too low after they are imported, the same is true for PVC floor. On the one hand, PVC floor in Europe and the United States has a mature industry, foreign products into China, and will add some import tariffs, therefore, foreign relative domestic PVC floor price is higher; Brand influence, in recent years, have already is no longer a fresh word, if the product is a brand enterprise, with strong capital strength, they relatively small businesses in the selection of raw materials and process has the advantage, therefore the price of the PVC floor is relatively high.
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