Application of calcium carbide method PVC resin

Update Time:2018-04-18
(1) PVC building materials.
Construction industry is one of the important fields of PVC application. In foreign countries, PVC accounts for 65% of PVC consumption, and the penetration rate of PVC indoor plumbing is more than 90%. In China, with the development of the economy, the market share of PVC doors and Windows, PVC construction pipes and PVC waterproof materials has gradually increased. Especially in the north area, PVC plastic doors and Windows are popular for their excellent thermal insulation performance, good mechanical strength and many colors.

(2) industrial PVC plastic products.
PVC pipe has the excellent properties of acid resistance, alkali resistance and organic solvent, so it is more suitable for conveying chemical medium than other materials. At present, PVC pipe is mainly used in chemical, mining, oil and other industries. In addition, PVC pipe can also be used for coal mining, mining and other slurry transportation as well as underground transportation of oil fields. It can also be used for sewage pipe, ventilating pipe, conduit and so on.

(3) packaging materials and other PVC films.
It is an inevitable trend that plastic products replace wood and other traditional materials as the main packaging materials. Economy will drive the development of industrial products, chemical products, mechanical and electrical products, cleaning products, cosmetics, beverage, packing and shipping materials, the rapid development of the clothing industries, and thus on the composite film, packaging film, containers, such as turnover box packaging products have great demand. It is expected that the total demand of plastic packaging materials will reach about 6 million tons in 2005, and the PVC will play a big role in this field and have a large share.
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