The solution of calcium and zinc stabilizer in the application of PVC hard products.

Update Time:2018-04-03
1. Selection of extruder.
(1) the matching of extruder is reasonable.
(2) high filling formula should be equipped with high shear performance screw.
(3) use vacuum to improve vacuum degree and reduce volatile components of materials.
(4) effective heating and cooling system to prevent the later period of boredom.

2. Extrusion die matching.
(1) the amount of extrusion matched with the extruder.
(2) the proper compression ratio of the extrusion die shunt cone is reduced.
(3) temperature setting of die forming plate.
(4) design of inlet opening groove and temperature gradient of vacuum shaped section.
(5) design of the auxiliary module of the first vacuum mold.

3. Process control.
(1) reasonable mixing process temperature setting, adjusting to seasonal temperature and humidity change.
(2) grasp the curing time of dry mixtures.
(3) the mixing pan exhausts smoothly.
(4) reasonable extrusion process temperature to avoid excessive process temperature.
(5) avoid the process of setting the change of the mold's welding pressure gradient as much as possible.
(6) reasonable control of the temperature gradient of the qualitative mold.

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