PVC board + wallpaper = integrated wall? Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

Update Time:2018-01-23
     Many initial contact with integrated wall or integrated wall products do not understand people, have mistakenly think that a normal PVC board is a layer of wallpaper is the integration of the wall. And integrated wall prices are still higher than wallpaper, PVC board much higher, so many people for the integration of the price of the wall is very unacceptable.
    Obviously, this view is wrong. The integration of wall ≠ PVC board + wallpaper, whether it is raw material composition, or product deconstruction, or even use, decorative effect, integrated wall are thrown PVC gusset and wallpaper "a few streets."

Why there is such a misunderstanding?

    First of all, because the integrated wall as a new type of decorative materials, is still in the popularization stage; Second, the integrated wall materials, common are mainly aluminum composite panels, bamboo fiber, polymer sheet, etc. Several were mistaken for "PVC Board + wallpaper "is the integration of the market currently on the market bamboo fiber integrated wall. Furthermore, the following figure shows that the light to see the outsiders do not know the integration of bamboo fiber into the wall mistaken for the PVC pinch + wallpaper can be understood.

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