Knowledge of calcium and zinc stabilizers
Update Time:2018-01-08

Calcium zinc stabilizer by calcium salt, zinc salt, lubricants, antioxidants, etc. as the main component of a special composite technology and synthesis. It can not only replace lead and cadmium salts and organotins and other toxic stabilizers, but also has very good thermal stability, light stability and transparency and tinting strength. Practice has proved that PVC resin products, processing performance, thermal stability equivalent to lead salt stabilizer, is a good non-toxic stabilizer.

The main appearance of calcium zinc stabilizer was white powder, flake, paste. Powder calcium zinc stabilizer is used as the most widely used non-toxic PVC stabilizer, commonly used in food packaging, medical equipment, wire and cable materials. At present, there are PVC and zinc stabilizers that can be used in hard pipe in China.

According to different uses, calcium-zinc composite stabilizer has different varieties, respectively, for pipe, profile, pipe fittings, sheet, injection molding, blown film, cable materials and other plastic products.

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