How to choose heat stabilizer in PVC injection molding parts?
Update Time:2017-10-11

Why must PVC processing plus PVC heat stabilizer? Now let Jubang manufacturer direct you announced: PVC is the most sensitive PVC industry, easily produced one of the thermal degradation of polymers


Pure PVC resin is very sensitive to heat.when heating temperature reached 90 degrees Celsius above, PVC resin will decompose slight heat. After the temperature reaches 120 ℃,PVC resin   will  release  HCl gas, if not inhibited the production of HCl, and the decomposition will be further intensified.There is obvious thermal decomposition reaction, the PVC resin color gradually deepened. The PVC plastic can only be processed at more than 160 degrees Celsius. Practice has proved that adding PVC heat stabilizer is an effective way to improve the thermal stability of PVC. Therefore, PVC heat treatment must be added PVC heat stabilizer.

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